Des critiques dithyrambiques pour le CD 'Robert Groslot: Concerto for Orchestra / Violin Concerto' (Naxos).

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'Robert Groslot: Concerto for Orchestra / Violin Concerto'
Joanna Kurkowicz, violon
Robert Groslot, chef d'orchestre & compositeur
Brussels Philharmonic

Le CD 'Robert Groslot: Concerto for Orchestra / Violin Concerto' (Naxos) a été accueilli avec enthousiasme par la presse international :

Le Soir

On découvre ici, à côté d'un très atmosphérique concerto pour violon, élégamment défendu par Joanna Kurkowicz, un concerto pour orchestre qui devient une remarquable débauche de couleurs aux résonances parfois proches de la musique de film. On ne s'étonnera donc pas qu'il trouve un interprète inspiré dans le Brussels Philharmonic toujours friand de grandes fresques sonores.

Neue Musikzeitung

Der Belgier Robert Groslot (geb. 1951) kreist mit maximaler Eleganz, unerschöpflichem Erfindungsreichtum und geradezu mozartischem Mut und Anmut über den Lagern von Fortschritt und Reaktion, wie ein mächtiger Albatross der neuen Musik. Die teils haarsträubende Virtuosität ist nie oberflächlicher Selbstzweck, das quecksilbrige Changieren der Situationen und Farben authentischer Ausdruck einer transzendenten franko-flämischen Tradition: Hier liegt ein wahrhaft herausforderndes Violinkonzert (2010) vor, das kontrastfreudig den Bogen von den großen Klassikern in die Zukunft schlägt, und ein gewaltiges Concerto for Orchestra (2016), das seinen Vorgängern ebenbürtig auftritt.

Fanfare Magazine (Phillip Scott)

Kurkowicz rises to all the challenges Groslot sets her in the Violin Concerto, playing with technical security and great élan. The musicians of the Brussels Philharmonic show themselves to be similarly virtuosic in both works, clearly relishing their compatriot's brilliant music. The sound is rich and well balanced. This disc is a triumph for all concerned including Naxos: an exciting discovery that urgently demands to be heard. If I had not already submitted my 2018 Want List, this would be at the top.

Het Nieuwsblad

Twee concerto's staan in wereldpremière te pronken op deze nieuwe plaat [...] opwindende muziek waarin zowel de soliste als het orkest zich op hun best kunnen presenteren. [...] Het Brussels Philharmonic verdient alle lof voor zijn inventieve en heldere vertolking, waar de componist achter de dirigeerpupiter vermoedelijk toe bijdraagt.


De Mechelse componist, pianist en dirigent Robert Groslot speelt met mysterieuze orkestkleuren en dompelt je onder in prachtige sferen.

Fine Music Magazine

An exciting discovery, fabulously played and recorded [...] it is the most rousing Concerto for Orchestra since Łutosławski's. [...] Joanna Kurkowicz rises to all the challenges Groslot sets her in the Violin Concerto, playing with technical security and great élan. The musicians of the BrusselsPhilharmonic show themselves to be equally virtuosic in both works, relishing this brilliant music.

Fanfare Magazine (Dave Saemann)

Throughout the CD, the Brussels Philharmonic plays for Groslot with elegance and enthusiasm. The sound engineering is excellent. These world premiere recordings are Want List material.

Audiophile Audition

Don’t miss out! This Concerto for Orchestra is hot date music [...] Don’t get me wrong. I for one love outbursts and conflicts in art. If you think about it, they’re all around us: letters to the editor, presidential tweets, divorce court proceedings, labor disputes, surprise endings. They never seem to last very long, but they do get our attention and sometimes they even bind us together. Outbursts are the rubber cement of life. How charming to hear them expressed so well in a modern musical piece.

MusicWeb International

Time after time this score's Mediterranean ways meld well with the brilliance, pointillism and delicacy of the writing. Groslot appears to be elegantly reminiscing about Edwardian ballrooms at one point (15:46) and then the spell is broken by craggy brass statements (18:25) [...] a most attractive and concentrated work

Fanfare Magazine (Colin Clarke)

There is a real feeling of organicism here, something underlined by the pure concentration of the performance itself. Both works are world premiere recordings. This is highly rewarding music, caught in superb sound (for a visceral example, listen to the true timbre of the gong stroke in “Hoketus”).

Classical CD Choice

Robert Groslot turns out to be a real find, writing music that is both ambitious and relatively easy on the ear.

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“In my opinion art should be positive, intelligent, ethical and aesthetic.”
- robert groslot