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From dream to reality

Together with the Vlaams Radiokoor, Brussels Philharmonic is a Great Institution of the Flemish Community, and can count on a subsidy to guarantee its basic activities: bringing high-quality concerts to the Belgian stage. However, the ambitions of these innovative ensembles do not stop there: Brussels Philharmonic and the Vlaams Radiokoor wish to make a real difference both in Belgium and abroad.

An ambitious approach which requires co-pioneers, ‘partners in crime’ and keys to unlock the potential. Extra resources, to turn dreams into reality. And Brussels Philharmonic seeks such resources itself, with a variety of creative and innovative projects (tax shelter, instrument foundation, film music, etc.).

Throughout all such projects there is a single clear philosophy: don’t innovate for the sake of it, but do so to sustain the heritage which the ensembles are charged to protect for the future. We can already shape this future, and thus ensure to gain a strong anchor among a wide audience.

Tax Shelter by BXLphil

Tax Shelter is a fiscal stimulus that was set up by the Belgian government in 2003, allowing Belgian tax-paying companies to significantly reduce their tax levels.

Brussels Philharmonic was one of the first production companies to be recognised by the Belgian government, and the first performing arts organisation to give a concert with the support of Tax Shelter in April 2017.

Brussels Philharmonic’s other strategy? To create a relationship between the investor and the production company, by focusing on a warm connection with the finished product: the concerts.

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Brussels Philharmonic Foundation

Thanks to the Brussels Philharmonic Foundation, created in 2013, passionate music-lovers as well as classic financial investors can purchase an instrument via this foundation to be played by musicians of the Brussels Philharmonic.

So has the civil society Accelerando, of which Herman Wielfaert (CEO of Creafund) is the manager, invested in 2014 in 4 string instruments of famous deceased builders - which are daily played by our musicians.

The instruments are maintained in perfect order and will increase in value, while the sound of the orchestra will be optimised and rendered more homogeneous: a win-win situation for both parties.

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MD circle

The Music Director’s MD circle unites a small group of people with different profiles, who use their experience, knowledge and network to support the many ambitious plans of Brussels Philharmonic.

The members of the MD circle invest their time and know-how in the orchestra and, in doing so, add a little of their own DNA to that of the orchestra. A contribution that leaves a trail in the orchestra’s history.

Become part of the MD circle, relax and let your imagination go wild: the sky is not the limit

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