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The Brussels Philharmonic was founded in 1935 by the Belgian public broadcaster (National Broadcasting Institute (NIR/INR)). The orchestra was and is known to be a pioneer in performing contemporary music – a reputation that brought world-renowned composers such as Bartók, Stravinsky and Messiaen to Brussels. To this day, the Brussels Philharmonic is continuing this tradition, including a 21st-century work in almost every concert programme.

The orchestra’s historic home port is the Flagey building in Brussels, the heart of Europe, where it rehearses and performs in Studio 4 – in acoustic terms one of the top concert halls in the world – and which serves as its home base for concerts in Belgium and the rest of the world.


Stéphane Denève

The French top conductor Stéphane Denève is the music director of the Brussels Philharmonic. His passion for 21st-century music and personal mission to create dialogue between the repertoire of the past and the future is fully in keeping with the orchestra’s DNA.

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The new platform that Denève and the Brussels Philharmonic are launching will play an important role in this regard: CffOR (Centre for Future Orchestral Repertoire) is seeking to collect core information about symphonic compositions since the year 2000, and thus to initiate a broad international dialogue about compositions that will withstand the test of time.

In the words of Stéphane Denève: “The Brussels Philharmonic will perform works that may become the 21st-century repertoire: we are looking for works that orchestras enjoy playing and the audience enjoys listening to. A pioneering project!”

At the international level, the Brussels Philharmonic has made a name for itself, with regular appearances in the major European venues and festivals, such as the Philharmonie de Paris, Wiener Musikverein, Grosses Festspielhaus Salzburg, Usher Hall in Edinburgh and Cadogan Hall in London. The international representation by IMG Touring brings further tours and concerts on new stages both in Europe and beyond (e.g. Japan in 2017, North America in 2019). In March 2019, the Brussels Philharmonic performed for the first time in Carnegie Hall, New York.

Something else that Brussels Philharmonic specialises in on an international scale is the performing and recording of soundtracks for films, series and games. The lasting partnership with Film Fest Gent took the orchestra to the studio and on stage with great names such as Howard Shore, Hans Zimmer, Angelo Badalamenti, Craig Armstrong, Alan Silvestri and many others. International fame followed with awards such as the Golden Globe for ‘The Aviator’ (music by Howard Shore) and the Oscar for ‘The Artist’ (music by Ludovic Bource).


Brussels Philharmonic is very active with recordings, which is no surprise when you consider its roots at Studio 4 in Flagey, as one of the world’s best in acoustics and with such great expertise in soundtrack recordings.

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