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Meet Wolfgang

Wolfgang is a smartphone app for live classical music. While the orchestra is playing, Wolfgang tells you what is happening ‐ at the very moment ‐ in the music. Wolfgang lets you experience the richness of classical music like never before.

👉 Try out the app during one of our concerts at Flagey & download the free app in the App Store or Google Store or via

Would you like to know even more about a work? Then try once leaving your smartphone on in the concert hall, and select the Wolfgang app: a smartphone application with which during the concert you can receive real-time explanations of the music. You only need to cast a glance at your smartphone every now and then. Wolfgang offers you short, well-timed ‘subtitles’. The app is designed in such a way that it does not disturb other concertgoers.

watch the video and experience Wolfgang yourself

Wolfgang is available in English, Dutch and French.

Download the free app in the App Store or Google Store or via

Wolfgang is only available during our concerts in Flagey (Brussels), film concerts not included.