Dirk talks about the magic and the challenges of 'Amadeus'.

… Mozart

Everyone knows Mozart by name – even those who know nothing about classical music. His is a household name, but in fact we know little about his life. This film tried for the first time to portray Mozart the man, not the myth – with anecdotes, the era in which he lived, and his rivalry with his fellow composers.

… best scene

The moment when Mozart dies, and there is no money to give him a worthy funeral. One of the greatest geniuses of music history ends up buried in an anonymous mass grave, to the tunes of his own Requiem. It is so harrowing and gripping – I have often conducted the film live, and each time I have tears in my eyes.

… greatest challenge

The greatest challenge is to get the music and image synchronized. The operatic voices are on a separate track, and due to various cuts during the editing, they sing in all sorts of different tempi! Not only is it very, very difficult, but you also need an orchestra that can be tremendously alert and able to follow you to the nanosecond: fortunately, the Brussels Philharmonic has mastered this skill like no other!