For the 2018 edition, the Ars Musica festival has chosen as its theme ‘unheard’: the perfect opportunity to review the radical evolution that has influenced music over time.
Or unheard instruments, such as the mysterious theremin or the barrel organ of Marius Constant.

Composers are thus often true explorers – certainly when it comes to Frank Zappa, a musical chameleon, perfectionist and composer of a few lovely ‘unheard’ works.


John Zorn • Orchestra Variations
Marius Constant • Concerto pour orgue de barbarie et orchestre
Régis Campo • Dancefloor With Pulsing (for Orchestra and Theremin) (2018) (world creation, commissioned by Ars Musica)
Frank Zappa • Envelopes
Frank Zappa • Pedro’s Dowry



Brad Lubman


“Whether it’s an old piece or a brand new piece, the composer has put information down in the score and it’s our job to figure out what the composer wants and to bring those ideas into the world, to realize to our best ability (in whatever the performing ensemble is) the ideas and wishes of the composer.”

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Carolina Eyck, theremin

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Pierre Charial, barrel organ


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