A score as strong as iron filled with engaging rhythms and lyrical arias, and a swirling story full of spicy intrigues and comical plot twists. That was all Franz Lehár needed to create The Merry Widow, a operetta that was a box-office hit in 1905 and that still intrigues the imagination.

Hervé Niquet and François Pirette will doubtless add extra bells and whistles to his interpretation of this delightful operetta.


Franz Lehár • La veuve joyeuse (concertante version)
sung in french, dutch subtitles



Hervé Niquet


Hervé Niquet, chief conductor of the Vlaams Radio Koor and principal guest conductor of the Brussels Philharmonic, considers the musical profession from a researcher’s perspective, and thus gives priority to primary sources in order to move beyond established conventions and customs.

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Vlaams Radio Koor


The Vlaams Radio Koor was founded in 1937 by the Belgian public broadcaster of the day. Today it has become a choir of exceptionally high quality that counts both domestically and internationally among the top ensembles.

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François Pirette, director & actor


Author, comedian, singer, director, scenographer, production leader and producer: François Pirette has been an insatiable creative jack-of-all-trades for over 35 years.

Hendrickje Van Kerckhove, soprano


Soprano Hendrickje Van Kerckhove sings the role of Missia Palmieri.

Thomas Blondelle, tenor


Tenor Thomas Blondelle sings the role of Prince Danilo.

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