Cffor: jeroen d'hoe & nicolas de cock

These days Brussels Philharmonic remains ‘true to its roots’ and performs a varied and diverse repertoire. Keeping this clear focus on today’s and tomorrow’s symphonic music, music director Stéphane Denève joined the orchestra to launch the new platform CffOR about symphonic compositions as from 2000.

On November 16, Brussels Philharmonic brings works by 2 Belgian composers: On The Run from the Songs for the Crossing by van Jeroen D'hoe (°1968) and In Flanders Fields by Nicolas De Cock (°1979).

jeroen d'hoe • songs for the crossing: II. On the Run

“Stefan wrote four poems based on his book, in which he brings to life a few of the scenes of war. The texts formed the basis for four songs within the composition. But during our conversation, the current migrant problem also came up, a subject that both Stefan and I wanted to address. So we came up with a diptych, in which we linked the famous crossing of the IJzer River during World War I to the crossing of the Mediterranean by refugees in our own era. We were consciously trying to avoid a ‘stuffy’ chronicle: this work is both a commemoration and an updating.”

watch the aftermovie of the world premiere performed by Brussels Philharmonic & Hanne Roos (15 december 2017)

nicolas de cock • in flanders fields

"While composing the music of «In Flanders Fields» 1 especcially wanted to convey the feeling of sadness, lonelyness but also combativeness. In his poem John McCrae lingers between hope and despair, comfort and pain. These opposite feelings inspired the musical languange of the composition. Sometimes harsh and piercing, sometimes soft and salient. The music takes the audience on an emotional trip. First, loneliness dominates, soon making room for rebellion and vigour. At the end, anger subsides and makes room foor comfort and acceptance."