Cffor: Guillaume Connesson

These days Brussels Philharmonic remains ‘true to its roots’ and performs a varied and diverse repertoire. Keeping this clear focus on today’s and tomorrow’s symphonic music, music director Stéphane Denève joined the orchestra to launch the new platform CffOR about symphonic compositions as from 2000.

On September 14, Brussels Philharmonic brings the world premiere of the violon concerto « Les horizons perdus » by Guillaume Connesson. The concerto is dedicated to and performed by Renaud Capuçon. For this occassion, Connesson also wrote the short piece « Célébration » for the horns of Brussels Philharmonic, who will play this miniature at a pop up before the start of the concert, at 19h50.

14 september: world premiere

guillaume connesson • concerto pour violon « Les horizons perdus »

My violin concerto is inspired by the 1933 James Hilton novel ‘Lost Horizon’ (adapted for film by Frank Capra in 1937). In this book, four travellers discover by accident the Tibetan lamasery of Shangri-La, a utopic place outside of world and time. The main character is torn between his desire to return to his active life in London or staying for eternity in this retreat, where death seems not to exist. More than illustrating the narrative, it is the rupture and radical opposition between the active life and the inner that constitues the fabric of my work.