19:30 Plus Talk: 11.11.11

11.11.11, Brussels Philharmonic and Vlaams Radiokoor want to change the world with music. The organizations find each other in showing and supporting people and stories that make the difference

language: Dutch
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31 January: musical changemakers

els hertogen, director 11.11.11

Els Hertogen, director of 11.11.11, introduces the evening with a conversation about musical changemakers. As an umbrella organisation of the Flemish North-South movement, 11.11.11 has been fighting injustice for years. This year their campaign was entirely dedicated to changemakers: strong individuals and organisations striving for sustainable change, often in difficult circumstances.

In Eastern Congo, Thaïs Bagula gives with radio Maendeleo a voice to local communities and NGOs. Beethoven believed that music could unleash a revolution, and in doing so gave his ideals - human solidarity and universal brotherhood - a voice. Both Beethoven and Thaïs expose social problems within an artistic framework and through the power of music. Both are musical changemakers.